The Replacement Killers
Spirit of 906

real story:

two innocent guys (Rolf, Matteo) travelling accidentally for their very first time from Königswinter (Germany) to Nashville (TN).
As it usually happens in this kind of stories, these two guys meet accidentally and inadvertently a very very old bass player: Rockin' Rande Hall.

Now it get's complex, because this very very old bass player introduces these two guys inadvertently and by oversight to a very very young drum player: Vera Herten, who is a german girl which decided to move from Marienheide (Germany) to Nashville (TN) because of the fantastic quality of the cheeseburgers being prepared in Nashville.

NOTE: WE (the authors) think that music could have been also a reason for her to move to Nashville.... but we do not want to get lost in assumptions.

Anyway. Vera and Rande had already planned to have a tour with a band called $10Cheeseburgers in Germany, so these two guys (remember: Rolf, Matteo) helped them organising 3 gigs in Germeny, one of them also in Königswinter having a great success.

During the second gig in Germany the two guys (remember: Rolf, Matteo) play together with the $10Cheeseburgers, and Rande, the very very old bass player, is very pleased to have such ah good gig and he says at this point:

Guys: I own a recording studio. Come to Nashville (TN) and I will help you recording your first album!

And the two guys said:

Thank you, very very old bass player. We will come to Nashville (TN) and will record our debute album in your studio!

So it happened that the two guys travelled 4 months later a second time from Königswinter (Germany) to Nashville (TN) and recorded their debut album that is named:

Spirit of 906

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