The Replacement Killers

Choose The Replacement Killers, – ’cause : life is too short for boring music!

The Replacement Killers is a long time existing band.
Formed originally over 15 Years ago, it hat experienced several changes in its line up.
Declared for dead a couple of years ago, now resurred with new ideas and more aggressive and self-assured music.


  • Rolf “Agent O.” Becker: Drums
  • Matteo “Mattie” Villa: Vocal, Guitar
  • Thomas “Tom” Pfleger: Bass
  • Kim “Fiddle Girl” Pfleger: Fiddle

We do firmly and strongly believe that everything what happened in the last 100 years of music history influenced our music!
On the other hand, to be honest, there are some artists and bands which are more important than others in our musical background.
Just come to some of our gig, and YOU will experience by yourself the same feeling WE felt listening to our heroes.

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Here you can download the Technical Rider

Keep on Rockin’